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Let's Build a Site!

This website is a work in progress.  Once you join the site, you can participate in the buildout of this site.
The Wingflap Development Network is built using Drupal.  Most Drupal sites cater either to specific modules or generic discussions of the interaction of Drupal, modules, and theming in a generic context.
The Wingflap Development Network is focused on specific portal types.  This particular site is modeled after the once-famous MaxWebPortal; an ASP Portal developed around 2000.  It saw two branches after it's untimely demise.  Skyportal and MWPX were the offshoots.  Both are gone today.  This portal pays homage to these once-great ASP portals.

The Wingflap Development Network is a collaboration among web developers, site themers, and designers to use and assess portal technologies that are available independent and agnostic of platform (even though this site is built with Drupal).

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With the flood of tablets hitting the market and, in my mind, no defined market for the devices, I'm curious who is using what.


Play or Jam ITS YOUR DREAM is a place to have fun and enjoy what we can offer.
Live support, instant chat and msg system, RSS News and much more.


The Blackberry Playbook will arrive in retail outlets on April 19.  This represents RIM's (Research In Motion) entry into the world of tablets.  Given that 2011 supposedly the year of the

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Barry has a lot of information to process in a very short period of time.  There are often many different ways

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Time for a New Phone

It all started when my 2-year commitment to my cell phone carrier ended.  Cell phones in 2010 are like wrist watches were in the '90s.  Everyone had one, bu

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Trying to decide whether it makes sense to create apps to show RSS feeds and some functionality from this site.


Emerging from the dark of the northern night, Frosty sees the familiar signal.  When will he respond?  What danger lurks ahaed?


When you set up a content type, there's a section for configuring the Comments that users will post.  Among those configuration parameters are options for allowing commenting in general, threa

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One Guy From Barlick is a great community site that Doc has had running for years now.  He has a respectable membership base who contributes regularly.  It's a somewhat modified version o


I took the liberty of grabbing the OGFB logo and giving it a slight tweak.  The images here are:

  1. The original OGFB logo.
  2. A slightly enhanced version of the logo with a
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Welcome to The Wingflap Development Network


If you are here for information about Barry Black, please go to the WingflApps site.  That is the new home for any and all information about Barry.  The forum for Barry will be discontinued on this site soon.


 The Wingflap Development Network is meant to be a collaboration among developers and site designers and web masters to discuss portals. In other words, we are a portal about portals.

This site is evolving on a daily basis to provide information and feedback to those interested in running a web portal.

Eventually, groups will be established to discuss various portal technologies as well as web environments. Once these are established, the Wingflap Development Network will become a valuable resource to anyone trying to create their own portal.

There are many portal technologies available for use. This particular site is created in Drupal because it suited the needs of the site. The focus of this site is 'open' portal frameworks. These include the following:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • DotNetNuke
  • Skyportal

If there are any other frameworks that suit your fancy, please be sure to let us know and we'll create a section for you.



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